Energy Costs Are Rising Fast!

Reduce Your energy bill To Under $50 a month or...

Even Be In Credit With a Solar System Tailored For Your Needs.

We only use TIER ONE Rated Solar Equipment and Master Electricians at Ramselec Solar so you'll know you're in the best hands - Chris Ramsey.

Why Ramselec Solar, is the Consumers No1. Choice for solar energy systems in Melbourne...

Solar Advantages

Once you have had a solar power system installed on your home you will notice an immediate positive impact on your energy bills.

Thanks to the innovative design of the solar power systems fitted by Ramselec Solar Solutions you will be able to successfully reduce your reliable on the electrical grid.

Solar Energy and Income Generation

Thanks to their innovative design solar power panels are constantly drawing energy from the sun, even when not being actively used.

To encourage more homeowners to adopt solar energy systems the Federal Government offers generous incentives to households that qualify.

These incentives allow local utility companies to pay you for the excess energy that you produce either with cash or through credits on your account.

Solar Energy and the Environment

In addition to their extensive financial benefits, solar energy only has positive impacts on the environment. Once installed in your home a solar power installation can improve the wellbeing of both the local and greater environment by:

Improving health due to cleaner air, soil, and water thanks to the reduction in fossil fuel pollution

Increased energy security thanks to the reduction in reliance on foreign fuel sources

A reduction in the severity of pollution and harmful emissions.

Ramselec Solar is Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Electrical and Solar Needs!

Chris Ramsey

General Manager Ramselec Solar

Why Choose Us Ramselec Solar?

Ramselec Solar has been recommended by previous customers as one of the highest recommended solar retailers in Victoria.

Extremely durable and can last more than 25 years. Can

withstand extreme weather, including high winds, heavy snow, and even hail.

No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when using solar panels to create electricity.

Thanks to the innovative design of the solar power systems fitted by Ramselec Solar you will be able to successfully reduce your reliable on the electrical grid, saving you a lot of money in the long-run.

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More Reviews from happy customers...

We required a commercial solar panel system for our new beekeeping business in South Morang 3752 Australian Bee Supplies.

They are very knowledgeable and happy to listen to our needs and recommend the best system.

The system was installed in one morning!

The boys were very professional and were more than happy to advise and assist on other aspects of electrical requirements without being pushy or trying to sell.

A professional business with service and great value like you should expect!

Thank you Chris, Adam and the boys.

Andrew Stanish

Chris and his team were professional and clear from the start. I monitored the Facebook group "Solar Q&A Aus/NZ" for a long time and ended up chatting directly with Chris's electrician, Anthony Torc.

I was sold on the quality of Anthony's work and the pride he took in it (knowing that he would be the one doing the work at my house). That said, I also got 5 quotes and Ramselec were by far the best value for money.

There was only one quote that matched their price and that quote was using a budget inverter and budget panels. I was thrilled to get a top-range inverter and mid-range panels for the same price. Thanks team, I've no hesitation in rating you 5 stars and recommending you to everyone.

Liam Jones

Affordable Pricing Packages

Ramselec Solar provides a variety of solar systems and panels to suit different kinds of needs. Our top-notch solar panel solutions are unmatched in terms of quality, performance, and longevity. Ramselec is the place to go if you're seeking solar panels in Melbourne.



System Range 1.5kw - 19.9kw

  • Free Quote and Panel Design

  • 6.6kw Single Phase homes

  • 19.9kw 3 Phase homes

  • 100% Tier One Equipment

  • Monitoring Available



System Range 10kw - 99.99kw

  • Free Quote and Panel Design

  • Hybrid options available

  • 100% Tier One Equipment

  • Includes Monitoring

  • 24 Hour Support



Battery Capacity 5kw - 100kw

  • Free Quote and Panel Design

  • 13.8Kw Battery

  • Byd, SolarEdge, or LG Chem

  • 100% Off Grid also available

  • 24 Hour Support

"If you need help with your ongoing energy expenses and want an electrician who you can trust then I'd be happy to chat to you direct and create a solar solution for your needs."

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