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October 26, 20222 min read

Ramselec Solar and Electrical Solutions is the one-stop destination for availing electrical facilitation through electrical Preston. We have experience providing electrical services for industries, residential, and commercial places.

We operate with a massive clientele base ranging from satisfied domestic clients to organizations, government divisions, educational and age care centers etc. We provide excellent customer service with reliable electrical installation, maintenance, and repair at affordable prices.

electrical Preston

Our team is highly experienced in installing the Solar Smart Monitor, connecting to your switchboard, and enabling you to monitor the solar energy system’s performance, energy usage, costs, and savings. It also alerts you in case of any faults or breakdowns with your computer and smartphone.

It is a unique service that we provide to our customers. The best aspect of this electrical Preston is that it examines the methods of reducing energy consumption, eventually helping you to save extra money by decreasing your power bill.

We offer you the opportunity to experience the beauty of home automation with our smart services. Our team integrates all the installed electrical devices in your home into a smart system that is easy to use and control.

Our electrical Preston service enables pressing a button just at the arrival home, which also turns the lights on, with the TV on and closes the blinds. The Ramselec Solar and Electrical Solutions team also suggests you set the voice command as per your wish, which is also a method to save power.

We conduct yearly inspections of all the electrical appliances, tools, extensions, and power leads, with all the installed residential and commercial electrical equipment. We ensure you have the confidence to use all your electronics safely and that they are in good condition.

Our team tests all the electrical items for polarity, insulation resistance, and earth continuity, conducting thorough visual assessments for any missing items or damage in the appliance.

If you are searching for trustworthy, local A-Grade Licensed electrical Preston; you are at the right place! Visit us at https://ramselec.com/ and get to know us more.

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Chris Ramsey

Chris has been a qualified electrician for over 20 years. He is renowned for caring about his customers and making sure they get a fist class service. Chris specializes in hybrid, residential and commercial solar systems. His reputation precedes him as one of the highest recommended solar and electrical professionals in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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